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RADIO ZEITGEIST: The Art of Critical Thinking

tom n willie

A defining notion that will be come back to again and again on Radio
Zeitgeist is:

When traditional conservative values succeed in making a safe, secure
society; liberal values have just been made - not only possible -but

Tom Friedley's Radio Zeitgeist will in an engaging and lively ,yet
scholarly manner, examine the most pressing issues of today's ever
more complex world.

A strong emphasis will be placed on the tradition of the Socratic
Method that lies at the root of all major advances in Science, Law and
Medicine of the past 2500 years.

This early 21st Century American culture with its historically
unprecedented access to information made possible by the Internet ;has
been cut with a double-edged sword.

Long forgotten- it at times seems -is the idea that there are things
called: facts, opinions and justified beliefs.

They can not, must not be confused with one another. Some illustrations:

Ninety-seven percent of all qualified academics within the community
of scientists studying Global Climate change have concluded that is is
real and caused by humanity.



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